Board of Directors & Committee

Board of Directors

The Board of Directors is an elected group of volunteers responsible for guiding and overseeing the direction of the credit union, and for ensuring that the long-term interests of members are served.

Chad Smith – President
Bryan Kistler – Vice President
Philip Ward – Treasurer
Theresa Kistler – Secretary
Virgil Myers
Sharon Strasser

The dedicated volunteers that make up our Board of Directors, offer their knowledge, leadership and vision to promote the mission of Diversified General Federal Credit Union. As a Board member, duties include: setting policies to direct the general management of the affairs, funds, and records of the credit union in compliance with its bylaws and government regulations.

An election will be held during the Annual Meeting for the openings on the Board of Directors. Each year there are three (3) openings on the Board of Directors, each for a three-year term. A Nominating Committee has been appointed and is looking for sincere volunteers to serve the Credit Union. Anyone wishing to be considered for nomination to the Board of Directors must submit a written request to the Nominating Committee. The Committee will review all requests and may require you to appear before them prior to making their decision as to who the nominees will be. The nominations will be made at least 90 days prior to the Annual Meeting. The Committee will meet with all interested individuals to answer any questions you may have concerning the responsibilities and duties of all Board members. For information regarding eligibility call (574) 753-3547.

Anyone making formal request for nomination but not selected by the Committee may have their name placed in nomination by obtaining at least 30 signatures of current members of voting age along with their Social Security Numbers and Credit Union Account Numbers. The petition must be received by the Committee at least 40 days prior to the Annual Meeting. The Board of Directors has established a minimum age of 18 years of age as a requirement to hold elective or appointive office and vote at the Annual Meeting.

Supervisory Committee

Diversified General Federal Credit Union’s Supervisory Committee is responsible for ensuring that the Credit Union’s Board of Directors and management establish practices and procedures to properly safeguard members’ assets. In addition, the Committee is responsible for the annual financial statement audit from a licensed, independent auditor.

In accordance with the Federal Credit Union Act, the Supervisory Committee is comprised of volunteer members and functions completely independently of Credit Union management. As an independent body, the Supervisory Committee also investigates members’ complaints not resolved to their satisfaction by management.

  • Arthur Sutton Jr
  • Allee Nethercutt
  • Patrick Kleckner

Members can report perceived Credit Union rule or policy violations, unethical behavior, and complaints not resolved by management directly to the Supervisory Committee by mailing a letter to the following address

Diversified General Federal Credit Union
Supervisory Committee
PO Box 1476
Logansport, IN 46947-1476

All member communications are handled with the utmost confidentiality.