Service Fee
Overdraft Transfer $2.00
NSF $32.00 Non-sufficient draft or ACH
Return Check Item $25.00 Member received check
Return Check Item $35.00 Member written off another institution
Negative ATM $32.00 Non-sufficient point of sale purchase
Negative Balance $17.00 NSF draft or ACH less than $10.00 paid
Stop Pay $35.00 Draft or ACH
Stop Pay $35.00 Request not to pay cashier's check (with 5 day waiting period)
Loan Late Fee $25.00 10 days of due date
Dividend Penalty ? First 3 full months of dividends earned
Cashier's Check $1.50 Purchase of cashier's check
Reconcilement $12.00/HR Reconcile member's account
Activity Printouts $0.50/PG Copy of activity of account
Fax (Outgoing) $1.00 Unlimited # to anywhere in U.S.
Dormant Fees $5.00 Per month after 24 months no activity
Wire Out $20.00 Transfers in the U.S.
Wire Out -- No International
Wire In $10.00
ATM Foreign Transaction $1.00 Our card at another machine
ATM Card Replacement $10.00 Replacement fee
PIN Reissue $1.00 When pin is forgotten
Close Savings Account $5.00 If closed within 90 days of opening
Check Cashing Fee $3.50 If $25.00 is not maintained for the last 30 days in regular savings and no checking or loan
Copy of Check $2.00 Copies of checks
Address Change $5.00 If notified more than once per year by Postal Service
Payment Checking $1.50 If minimum Average Daily Balance is not met
Garnishment & Tax Levy $30.00 If we have to pay out.
Early Club Withdraw $5.00 Withdraw from club before payout date.
Notary FREE Free service provided to our members
Cashier Check to 3rd party $5.00 3rd party purchase of cashier's check
Coin 2% for savings accounts less than $25.00 and no other services (if active accounts $1000/monthly free)